Ferran Guerrero
Taradell, Cataluna, Spain

Aaron Culver

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Louie is a lifelong climber with over 40 years on the rock.  He's done everything from bouldering and big walls to overseas sport climbing and enjoys it all.  Louie is an avid new route developer and has been instrumental in the growth of West Coast sport climbing for the last 30 years.  He's also been involved in the indoor climbing industry from it's earliest years and works in many capacities.  Not only is he one of the most prolific hold shapers in the world, he also designs and builds climbing gyms, is a leading force in the American route setting world, and is the owner of a large bouldering gym in his home of Southern California.


Ferran Guerrero, esta considerado en Europa como uno de los diseñadores de presas para la escalada mas talentosos y creativos, a lo largo de su trayectoria como diseñador ha realizado mas de 4500 diseños y ha trabajado para mas de 45 empresas dedicadas a la industria de la presa de escalada por todo el mundo, en la actualidad es propietario de Psyco Art Holds el único estudio Europeo destinado al diseño de presas para la escalada en el que trabaja a tiempo completo diseñando presas de escalada y de su propia marca Psyco Art Holds, fundador de la empresa Euro-Holds dedicada a la fabricación de presas de escalada para otras empresas. 
Como escalador ha establecido cientos de problemas de boulder con primeras ascensiones de hasta 8a+/8b por diferentes zonas de la geografía catalana, así como la apertura de vías de escalada deportiva llegando a un nivel de 8b/b+ trabajado (rothpunkt) y 8a a vista (onsight) y en los últimos tiempo se ha convertido en un apasionado de la Escalada trad realizando diferentes aperturas de hasta 8a en este estilo

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Louie Anderson

Silverado Canyon, California, USA

We searched the world for top notch shapers to create some of the best climbing holds on the market. We looked for artist with the ability to combine form and function into something that is beautiful, functional and finger friendly for those long training sessions. With a soft texture and rounded edges you can work your project for hours without feeling the burn you would with some other holds. 

Aaron Is a life coach and aid worker with brain injury victims and a proud if somewhat frazzled father of two amazing little girls. A self admitted climber "jack of all trades" for twenty years Aaron has delved into most climbing disciplines from big wall, trad, sport and bouldering to ice and mixed. Also an avid developer and route setter Aaron has spent a great deal of time, brush in hand squinting through the lichen and dirt at boulders and walls thinking the big question "will it go?".  Given the opportunity to try shaping climbing holds Aaron soon developed a passion for it that nearly rivals his passion for climbing. Now as a self admitted foam junkie, the art and form of shaping has captivated his attention and given him another outlet to express his love for our sport and lifestyle. As far as goals and objectives go there's to many to count so he just keeps trying hard and having fun.